Genome-wide association mapping for shoot growth and water uptake dynamics in a panel of O. glaberrima rice accessions

147 O. glaberrima genotypes were phenotyped in a high-throughput phenotyping platform for shoot growth and water uptake dynamics at early vegetative stage.

Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
SNP calling from MSU/GWAS by MLM (Tassel)
Program Version
Pablo Affortit
Branly Effa-Effa
Mame Sokhatil Ndoye
Daniel Moukouanga
Nathalie Luchaire
Llorenç Cabrera-Bosquet
Maricarmen Perálvarez
Raphaël Pilloni
Claude Welcker
Antony Champion
Pascal Gantet
Abdala Gamby Diedhiou
Baboucarr Manneh
Ricardo Aroca
Vincent Vadez
Laurent Laplaze
Philippe Cubry
Alexandre Grondin
Date Performed
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - 14:08
Data Source
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EDAM:topic_3517GWAS studyGenome-wide association study experiments.
High-throughput phenotyping reveals a link between transpiration efficiency and transpiration restriction under high evaporative demand and new loci controlling water use-related traits in African rice, Oryza glaberrima Steud Pablo Affortit, Branly Effa-Effa, Mame Sokhatil Ndoye, Daniel Moukouanga, Nathalie Luchaire, Llorenç Cabrera-Bosquet, Maricarmen Perálvarez, Raphaël Pilloni, Claude Welcker, Antony Champion, Pascal Gantet, Abdala Gamby Diedhiou, Baboucarr Manneh, Ricardo Aroca, Vincent Vadez, Laurent Laplaze, Philippe Cubry, Alexandre Grondin bioRxiv 2021.11.28.470237; doi: