The Rice Genome Hub (RGH) is a community website that federates genomic data on rice which developed by Cirad and IRD supported by the South Green Bioinformatics platform. The RGH is based on Drupal and Tripal and related modules to facilitate the integration between various systems (Jbrowse, Galaxy, Gigwa) for plant genome analysis.

The Rice Genome Hub (RGH) belongs the the South Green genomes hubs that are part of the Elixir France Service Delivery plan. The RGH has been registered in Elixir to facilitate interoperability. 


Data contributions

The RGH intends to centralise data produced by the community on rice genomics. This information can be retrieved after publications by the team or by request from partners.

If you want the contribute to the hub with new datasets, please contact us.

RGH Team

The current developement is led by

  • Antony Champion (UMR DIADE - IRD)
  • Alexandre Soriano (UMR AGAP - CIRAD)
  • Christine Tranchant-Dubreuil (UMR DIADE - IRD)
  • Gaetan Droc ( UMR AGAP - CIRAD)
  • Manuel Ruiz (UMR AGAP - CIRAD)


  • Chloé Antoine - Developer
  • Maira Barca - Developer

Design and Image credits

The Drupal theme of the website is derived from statonlab/hardwood.


By the CRP Rice : CGIAR Research Program (CRP) on rice agri-food systems.