The Rice Genome Hub provides a serie of tools to browse, visualize and search among all data sets available.

Blast search

Search for highest similarity for your sequence of interest.


Tool for RNA-seq data analyses, from raw count to gene regulatory network. Allow the user to perform data normalisation, differential expression analyses, data visualisation, clustering, GO enrichment of such obtained genes lists and generate gene regulatory network.


For the visualization of syntenic blocks.

Gene Search

Search for a gene by name, location, functional annotation keywords...


Gigwa isĀ a web-based tool for exploring large amount of genotyping data and extract quickly large dataset of genomic variation

GO Enrichment

Tool to perform GO enrichment on list of genes.

ID Converter

Convert ID between MSU and RAP

iDEP 92

Tool for analyses of RNAseq count data, in an exploratory way. Can perform a large panel of independent analysis.


Allows users to navigate genome sequence, annotation, and associated data track sequence, annotation, and associated data tracks .

Primer Blaster

Check PCR primer specificity on any Rice Genome

Primer Designer

Primer Designer allows users to design new target-specific primers in one step as well as to check the specificity of pre-existing primers with BLAST.

RNA-seq count display

Display count for various RNA-seq experiments.

Sequences download

Download genes Sequences and promoter sequences from given gene list in fasta or GenBank/Embl formats.


SniPlay allows the detection of SNPs derived from NGS technologies (WGRS, GBS, RNASeq...).

Synteny Viewer

Explore synthenic and collinear blocks detected between Rice genomesĀ