Transcriptome of Oryza glaberrima in response to Meloidogyne graminicola

Gene expression profiling of the resistant rice Oryza glaberrima (TOG5681) in response to the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola, a major pest of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Asia and in Central America. Dual RNA-seq, that is the simultaneous sequencing of the two organisms, was performed on M. graminicola-infected rice plants. RNA-seq data were obtained from 8 libraries coming from two biological replicates (1 and 2) of the following samples: mock-inoculated rice root tips (Oryza glaberrima accession TOG5681) as plant controls (TogC) and M. graminicola infected rice root tips (Oryza glaberrima accession TOG5681) collected at 2 dpi, 4 dpi, and 8 dpi (days post-inoculation) (Tog2dpi, Tog4dpi, Tog8dpi).

Program, Pipeline, Workflow or Method Name
Mapping against Niponvarre MSUv7 suing STAR, used of DESq2 for DE analysis
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No informations
Anne-Sophie Petitot
Tina Kyndt
Rana Haidar
Alexis Dereeper
Myriam Collin
Janice de Almeida Engler
Godelieve Gheysen
Diana Fernandez
Date Performed
Sunday, January 13, 2019 - 11:26
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EDAM:topic_3308TranscriptomicsThe analysis of transcriptomes, or a set of all the RNA molecules in a specific cell, tissue etc.
Anne-Sophie Petitot, Tina Kyndt, Rana Haidar, Alexis Dereeper, Myriam Collin, Janice de Almeida Engler, Godelieve Gheysen, Diana Fernandez, Transcriptomic and histological responses of African rice (Oryza glaberrima) to Meloidogyne graminicola provide new insights into root-knot nematode resistance in monocots, Annals of Botany, Volume 119, Issue 5, March 2017, Pages 885–899