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Whole Genome Assembly and Annotation of Oryza sativa (v7.1)

This is MSU Release 7.0 of the annotation of the genome of the Nipponbare/ japonica subspecies of Oryza sativa . This release is based on a new pseudomolecule assembly (Os-Nipponbare-Reference-IRGSP-1.0) made in collaboration with the Agrogenomics Research Center at the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan. This set of pseudomolecules unifies the previous MSU with the IRGSP/RAP effort.

Annotation of a genome. Kawahara Y, de la Bastide M, Hamilton JP, et al. Improvement of the Oryza sativa Nipponbare reference genome using next generation sequence and optical map data. Rice. 2013;6:4.